Our Story

All of us have dreams and aspirations, regardless of age and circumstances. Many of us have an ever changing/growing Bucket List of things in our minds we wish to see and do, but only a few ever keep a true list. Well, that will change with EreIGo!

Bucket lists are dreamcatchers, where our hopes and aspirations weave themselves into journeys we long to experience.  We encourage everyone yearning for adventure, to put their dreams in a personal list that can be consulted and always kept current as you realize your goals.

Let EreIGo help you to organize and make your dreams a reality!

Never fall into the trap of forgetting what you really want, and years later suddenly thinking 'I wish I had seen that', or 'I wish I had done that'.

We want to become a source of inspiration for you and to encourage you to cross of as many items as possible whenever you can. We will strive to bring you the most relevant solutions to help you to achieve your dreams.

Having a Bucket List doesn't necessarily mean you need a Bucket load of money! Many things can be achieved at little cost, and many more can be crossed off with some easy financial planning! We will be offering suggestions to assist you in meeting your goals.

  • We are not in the business of selling lists of names
  • We value privacy as much as you do
  • Our objective is to let you know what is available for you to achieve your list
  • Without having you flooded with emails from all and sundry

Our weekly email will contain information on the growth of the EreIGo community, some interesting items from our database, (anonymously or by username), and hopefully, as we grow, some reviews from members on their completed items, and some relevant offers for items on your list that are in the short term timeframe.